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The International Brigade tells the true story of an extraordinary conflict over eighty years ago. A clash of political systems, idealism and culture, that horrified the world then, and which resonates today.

When rebel Fascist forces stage a military coup that threatens to over throw the Government of Spain, volunteers from around the world risked everything to fight for the freedom of a people they had never met.

Set in the late 1930s, this episodic historical film drama tracks real events and characters.

On 17 July, 1936 a military coup d'état erupted across Spain and Spanish Morocco. Great swathes of Spain, including a majority of its cities, remained loyal to the Republic and democracy. The leaders of the coup initiated a determined and vicious war of attrition against the Republic. Both Mussolini and Hitler pledged both ‘volunteers’ and equipment to support General Franco’s military coup. 

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It was then that popular currents around the world began to grow in strength. Volunteers from around the world started to be drawn united in their disgust and opposition of what was happening in Spain to a democratically elected Government. They made their arduous ways to Spain to fight for the survival of the Republic.

Those to whom Spain appealed for help did not want to become embroiled in a civil war in another country, with the Great War of 1914-18 in living memory. Only the USSR was motivated to assist with a ‘Soviet Agenda’ and even then at arms-length.

The ‘International Brigade’ is a long form drama, over three seasons, that explores the extraordinary cast of characters and situations in this crucible of politics, culture and war. Many names famous throughout the twentieth century first came to prominence in the Spanish Civil War. We explore many of their formative moments, alongside those of others never feted and barely remembered.

The ‘International Brigade’ is an International co-production.

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